The Founder :

Mustafa (born in Kashmir on April 20) is an adventure enthusiast and a nature lover.

Since his youth, first in Kashmir and then later in India, he dedicated himself to his passion for motorcycles, motocross and rallying at a professional level, whereas today he is a motorcycle enthusiast crossing by bike through the deserts of Ladakh & Rajasthan, receiving recognition and prizes such as the “Motor Adventurer of the Year 2003”. Among his other interests is photography, which he has been fascinated with since he was a boy.

Mustafa wanted to explore and portray his zest in Travel and Hospitality as he has traveled half of the globe admiring what nature had to offer, but his heart is Aww stuck in The Majestic Himalayas, being a local Himalayan he was aware of the quality of travel services provided in the area, he wanted to give the traveler an experience at par that the best in the industry around the globe are offering and thus founded " TSH Travel Division " with the vision to take hospitality industry of Kashmir to new heights.

About us :

TSH Travel Division
is a subsidiary of TSHindia– a reputed business house headed by Mr. A Q Shaw, Group’s interests include Hospitality, Travel n Tourism, IT, Handicrafts & Textiles.


TSH Travel Division was founded in response to the low-quality, mass-market travel services in J & K.  
As a Tourism Approved Travel Agency we cater to all the travel related services. We have been serving clients from across the globe with all the hospitality and personalized care.

TSH Travel Division is best known in providing high class travel services and products to its customers. Being a young company we strive hard to keep up to the expectations of our clients & associates.

The organization is headed & professionally managed by people having vast experience in hospitality business. We have been successfully handling repeat business from our principals located worldwide for their individual & group traffic.

Philosophy :

Since our founding, we have been changing the way people travel the globe and experience vacations.We set out to create a new approach to travel: one that is specifically catered to the interests and priorities of each and every client— an approach that provides you with a personal guide/driver and allows you to get the most out of your limited time. We offer an approach to travel that will allow you to forget about all the little inconveniences and allow you the chance to experience the extraordinary.

We believe that mass-market tourism serves neither the client nor the host country. Travel at its best rewards the traveler with rich and diverse experiences

We are speciality travel professionals. We do what we do because we love the nation we serve and we love giving our clients the gift of experiences that will stay with them throughout their lives.

 - We believe that the greatest joys of travel are often the spontaneous ones -

We believe that the spontaneity allowed by private travel maximizes your experience.

  - You start and stop when you choose; you move at your own pace without being rushed or slowed down by others.
  - You have the time to take a rest or to linger over a cup of Kahwa.
  - You stop when you feel like it—to take a photo, to picnic in a scenic area, or to take a short stroll to a crenulated village.
  - Our guides are there to help ease the way for you and minimize the inconveniences of traveling in a unknown land.

We offer from a Swiss Cottage tent to a Boutique accomodation &  three-star to five-star hotels in all our destinations
   — from good-value properties to some of the finest "grand hotels" of the world.

We are equally proud of the smaller, more intimate beds-and-breakfasts and small inns that we have found. Many are historic monuments that have been respectfully and tastefully converted. Not only do they offer you an experience not found in larger hotels, but they also give new life to historic monuments that would otherwise be abandoned and ultimately destroyed.


Standards :

 - Our tour professionals are well traveled and have excellent product knowledge.

 - Our quality standards are stringent and reviewed annually. We inspect and rate every property we offer to clients.

 - No detail is too small to concern us, which enables us to serve up quality travel experiences. We are always open to suggestion and will tailor each tour as per your requirements.

- We invest continuously in travel technologies and can therefore create customized and detailed itineraries in the quickest time possible.

Team :

    Mustafa                                     Aadil                                       Sajad                                       Sailesh                               Wasim           
 TraveL TouT                          Travel Planner                         Transport Head                         Mumbai Head                         Accounts